Veterinary Services
Barfield Animal Hospital offers high-end veterinary care with a friendly, caring, inviting environment.  We try our best to give your pet the best care possible with up-to-date techniques and equipment.  If you have any questions that are not answered by our website, please feel free to call or email us.  Our contact information is on the 'Contact Us' tab.

Diagnostic Services
We provide a variety of diagnostic and treatment services.  Our in-house laboratory equipment allows us to perform many diagnostics including complete blood counts (CBC), blood chemistry profiles, urinalyses, cytology, viral and parasite tests.  Even in the case of more extensive testing, we are able to use outside laboratories, which typically provide results in a short period of time.  Our state-of-the-art in-house digital x-ray machine allows high quality radiographs and the ability to email them to a Board-Certified Radiologist.

Anesthesia is something we take seriously and take all precautions to have a safe and smooth anesthetic time and recovery.  Pre-anesthetic bloodwork can be performed the same day as the anesthesia procedure.  This is important to determine metabolic and organ health prior to anesthetic medications.  An I.V. Catheter is used and your pet is able to have I.V. fluids with a fluid pump and an I.V. fluid warmer during the entire procedure.  This also allows us to give I.V. medications if necessary.  Anesthetic medications are tailored to the individual and include both injectable and inhalant medications.  Our monitoring equipment includes blood pressure, ECG, capnography (CO2), pulse oximetery, and we will have a veterinary assistant with your pet during and after the procedure.  Your pet is kept warm during procedures with a heated water blanket.  Certain anesthetic medications will continue to provide pain control after the patient recovers from anesthesia; we also have the ability to provide additional pain relief through injectable medications to ensure your pet is as comfortable as possible.

Surgical Services
Our operating room is equipped to handle any emergency. We offer a full range of soft tissue and orthopedic surgical services.  The operating room is isolated from the rest of the hospital to minimize the risk of infection.  Surgical instruments are sterilized after every procedure.  We also have an electrosurgical unit, which is a device that acts as a scalpel in certain surgeries and can significantly reduce bleeding and pain.  If there is a surgery we are unable to perform or if we do not have the proper equipment necessary, we will refer you to a board certified surgeon.  We also have a great working relationship with a mobile veterinarian that has the ability to perform many of the more advanced surgical procedures here at Barfield Animal Hospital.

Your pet’s health would not be complete without good dental hygiene. Dental treatment and prevention is important to maintain the health of your pet.  Dental disease can lead to pain, liver disease, heart disease, kidney disease as well as inflammatory diseases.  We have the ability to provide thorough dental cleaning as well as a variety of dental treatments.  The dental equipment we use includes an ultrasonic scaler, polisher, high speed water cooled dental drill as well as periodontal treatment medications.  To properly clean and examine your pet's mouth, anesthesia is necessary (see our anesthetic protocols above).

At Barfield Animal Hospital, we have an assortment of necessary medications in stock for your convenience.  Every pet and family is different, therefore a variety of medications is available to best fit your needs.  Needs may vary with allergies and how or when the medication is able to be given.  If a certain medication is needed that we do not have, we are able to order that medication and it usually arrives in one to two days.

Animal Chiropractic Therapy
Animal chiropractic therapy has been increasing in awareness and popularity.  This therapy can be used as alternative or adjunctive treatment to a variety of problems including:  lameness, post-operative physical therapy, athletic performance and some neurologic disorders.  Dr. Tepp graduated from Healing Oasis Wellness School for veterinary spinal manipulation therapy, the only school of its kind to be accredited by the United States Department of Education.

Wellness Care
Our goal at Barfield Animal Hospital is not only to diagnose and treat diseases, but also, and more importantly, prevent diseases.  This is only possible through wellness examinations and screening.  During the wellness visits, we will go over options for parasite control and prevention, full physical examination, vaccination schedule, screening bloodwork and address any problems or concerns that arise.  Through wellness visits we are able to prevent diseases or diagnose a disease early in its coarse allowing for an earlier treatment plan.  Diseases that are caught early typically have a more favorable outcome.

Therapeutic Diets
We offer a wide variety of both prescription and maintenance dog and cat food.

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